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Yup, he says core, they eject I think its closer to 6 identical chambers, lined up along the spine of the ship, above where the "main core" is shown to be in this movie.

So obviously the warp core is made up of a variety of different individual mechanisms tied together in the reaction process.
Considering the main core is built in the NIF, I would guess the six small modules they jettisoned are probably in the same room with the core, three on each side, connected to the core by a spectacular array of pipes and tubes entering the pressure vessel.

So probably the things they ejected in 2009 were the antimatter pods.

The Keeper wrote: View Post
The kicking is a tough nut to crack in universe. I mean what reason could there possibly be for that emitter thingy, where perfect alignment at all times would seem a critical requirement, to be attached to a ball joint?
If it was a ball joint, he would have kicked it sideways, not down.

He wasn't kicking it so much as STOMPING on it trying to push it back into place. I had to do the same thing once about a year ago when the hood of my car wouldn't close.

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I can accept the warp core, if it didn't require a crew to climb the bloody thing to fix it. Why wasn't a more practical and safe solution not devised?
Because the movie takes place a couple of years before "That Which Survives," by which time the reaction chamber will have been slightly redesigned to make this sort of operation a little easier.

The word "climb" is direct from the film.
Scotty probably figured it was easier than crawling.

That'll learn 'im.
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