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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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Why doesn't someone use their Photoshop prowess and show me where there are two decks, or a balcony, or a movie theatre, or whatever else people see in that picture.
"Why doesn't someone do all the work for me... again, so I can ignore and keep right on saying the same thing... again."
Because I'm not the one saying there is more than one deck visible there.
What difference would that make, unless you think the saucer section only has one deck?

So, why don't you add the above to your pictorial evidence showing the two or three decks visible in the hull breach.
Because the breach shows one CORRIDOR with sufficient space above and below it for additional deck space. Why it doesn't show additional CORRIDORS above and below is anyone's guess.

Although, I disagree with Locutus in that five decks seems a bit much. Especially based on the bottom image, I think it works better with FOUR decks, with #1 and #5 filling those "half decks" and #2 and #4 squeezing out #3. That seems consistent with what we're seeing in the top image: the exposed corridor is on Deck Two, and there's room for two additional corridors in the saucer beneath it (one at the lower row of windows, one directly under that).
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