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Re: Your Ultimate Ship and Crew

Vulcan Logician wrote: View Post
Captain Picard and first officer Sisko? Gee they might not get along so well.
It won't be that bad. After the first two DS9 episodes, Sisco refound his insperation for staying in Starfleet and set aside his hard feeling for the Locutus thing, telling Picard to not send in his resignation. I think Sisco executing Picards orders would be interesting, though I do picture Picard scolding Sisko for bending the rules to get the job done and Sisco replying with alot of stern 'Yes sir's.

JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post
Don't tell me Counselor Worf wouldn't be awesome
Awesome for a warship, maybe, but when a crew member like Barclay comes in with his transporter phobia, Worf would say something like: "The next time you transport, think to youself 'Perhaps today is a good day to die.'"
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