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Re: Morality and the Holodeck - slightly different question

One thing I'd like to point out is everyone's assumptions about the detail these simulated versions have. I really doubt the holodeck computer would simulate a person down to the very detail of their genitals when someone asks for a sim with this person's likeness. More likely the computer would give you the amount of detailing you could get from any public pictures and would then create generic body parts for anywhere you couldn't get in an image.

Is that really any different than pulling up a porn image now and photoshopping someone else's head on it? Like was said earlier, Quark had to try to get an actual scan of Kira for the program he tried to make, so obviously the computer wouldn't make a fully accurate simulation on its own.

So is it violating your privacy if none of the private bits are actually duplications of yours? That's something to think about...
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