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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

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When I saw Pete take a hit (of the other kind), the first thing that popped into mind was the flashback on Taxi when Reverend Jim, serious and uptight, first tried marijuana.
Exactly what I thought too, even down to the Jim reference. Pete's always had a deeply hidden wild streak. I suspect he's going to be one of those guys who has his rebellion late. I see him tuning in, Turning on, dropping out and never coming back

Other thoughts:
  • In a strange way I was almost glad to see Don's somewhat blasť reaction to the riots. The country was very divided and it wouldn't make sense for every main character on the show to be outraged by what they saw.

    I also thought it made sense for the Carnation guy to speak well of then Gov. Reagan, Insofar as they were in California after all.

    Was that supposed to be Jimi Hendrix sitting in front of the fireplace at the LA party?

    Roger is horrible but I love him.

    Benson and Ginsburg are the comedy team of 2013. Or 1968. Whatever.

    More Don death imagery. Damn.
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