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Re: Offiical XBox (3) Launch Thread

The video game market ruined itself when they made it so it costs so much to develop a game it's not worth it unless it sells 3 million copies. PS1 and PS2 had such legendary diverse libraries because smaller developers could sell 50,000 units and still make a profit.

Sony and Microsoft think they control the market so much that they can force it to do whatever they want. Well, those of us who are old have been buying games for 30 years, we can get our favorites on ebay for a few bucks each or by downloading them, and can entertain ourselves forever without buying any more new games. Those of you who are young really like portables and handheld games, and have parents who are too smart to go for this shit. No game will ever sell enough millions of copies to justify the millions of dollars it now costs to develop a game.
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