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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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I feel better about the actors' motivation after watching that UK late show vid, but I still feel the same way about the movie. Even if there are a few hand touches or looks or whatever in this film, that doesn't change the fact that their relationship was still handled poorly. The writing didn't do it justice and neither did the filming/editing for the most part.

For the loss of Vulcan, Spock's mother, and his story to be such a big part of the last film, it felt like they just glazed over it in this one. The obviously had other goals, though. It has to be hard to build on what you did in the last film when you are trying to borrow from The Dark Knight, provide nonstop action for the sake of action, and recreate TWOK.

I truly hope they follow up on Spock/Uhura in the next film in a more believable and adult way. It would be great if they could make that film as though this one didn't really happen. Considering the fact that it should start off with their 5 year mission, I don't think that should be much of a problem.
@Spock/Uhura Fan I'm glad @Malaika was able to provide you some relief as well. We all love Zachary so much and to think maybe his and Zoe's friendship had possibly cooled or maybe they didn't want to further the character's romantic relationship would be devastating for me. I, of course, don't know if your feelings were that dramatic LOL...but I am very happy to hear in that respect you are feeling much better.

Believe me, I am so right there with you as far as the relationship not being handled properly.

There was a scene that had no drama for me (I've still not seen the Dark Knight so have to reach back to one of my favorites) and that was," will the shuttle craft make it or will it not through the narrow crevice..." well, it was very dramatic and great when I saw it the first time in The Matrix Revolutions (Niobe (Jada Pinkett Smith) and her ship squeezing through that crack and everyone breathing a huge sigh of relief after she made it - even herself a bit ) There were a few instances of deja vu which I thought aw, not original. Perhaps that move was done in an even earlier movie I don't know but definitely it wasn't new in STID.

Ok, regardless of all that, the speech in the shuttle was done very well and I was happy Spock said Nyota's name and had his head turned in her direction. I didn't appreciate this the 1st time around as I thought Spock's voice was too harsh knowing as I thought he should that Uhura was feeling very upset about them and his actions that she didn't agree with. Really, by this point in the movie, I was having all kinds of issues with Spock/Zach and direction but same as @Hembie this time around, I could actually hear the emotion and I got what he was saying to her and to Kirk.

I would have like relationship in this 2nd movie and action, adventure, and fun (yes this is Star Trek) for the 3rd film and the 5yr mission....but since TPTB got it wrong this time around..then yes, 3rd film I will be expecting the mature, loving, interesting relationship I know Spock and Uhura have!!
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