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Re: Best Audio Book?

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I found a bunch of downloads that Big Finish are offering for free here:
Wow, what a haul.

1 that's 1hr 15min, 2 more just under an hour, and 5 more between 23min and 33min. I've never tried any of The Unit Stories, so, I'm looking forward to hearing that one and William Russel reading will be cool (I assume he'll be reading the First Doctor like in Companion Chronicles?) A Dalek Adventure, and a Bernice Summerfield...

Now I understand, I've been conned, they're giving me a hit of different ranges, 'cause they know I'll like 'em and come looking for more to buy

This is actually pretty cool, after having purchased all the Colin/Evelyn Stories, I'll be looking for something to go in between them and Gallifrey, which doesn't come out until late November, I believe. Though, I've been wating to get Blake's 7 Audios as well at some point (Damned expensive habit, LOL)
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