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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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How are you feeling now about the S/U scenes now @Hembie? (I've bolded and underlined that sentence in your original post as this was exactly how I felt after my 1st viewing) have you had a chance to see the movie more than once or in 3D as you wished? Were you able to see the hand-holding in 3D because we don't have the movie in IMAX in my area and I wasnt able to see it in 3D as I planned earlier.

I'm feeling much better. There were a couple of scenes of handholding in the backround (as noted upthread) and longing looks. I also noticed more on the second viewing that Spock voice waivers noticibly in the shuttle scene. He actually sounds upset.

It was all just odd editing. Like the relationship was all there in the movie but the director chose to use different angled shots. At the very least I'm convinced that TPTB are committed to continuing the relationship, but there is not question the focus was so much more intense in the first movie.

All will be forgiven if they can show more love in the third. And who knows what we'll get in the deleted scenes.
@Hembie, I'm with you as well in that I too feel much after the 2nd viewing...although my uplift came from finding or re-finding this thread so I could blubber all my feelings out and then having @Malaika post and put me to rights about Spock and Uhura's physical interactions that I just did not see.

I was thinking that I wasn't even going to buy the DVD, as I was so upset with JJ (direction of Zach) -I would eat up any behind the scene moments with all the cast, but I would have had a fit if there were deleted scenes of S/U being loving and warm with one another that some power that be thought should be better left on the cutting room floor.

Once I knew the interactions were there it helped me appreciate them the 2nd time around---I didn't cross my eyes when I saw Spock run to Uhura and stand there like a stiff because I knew now they really are holding hands under the camera range or better seen, as you say, from a different angle.
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