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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine

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Now, you HAVE to complete the entire interior of the ship, slap it onto an awesome exterior model to scale, and sell that on BluRay so we can navigate around and through the ship and operate the consoles.

I'd buy that.
Not doing the entire ship, never wanted to. My aim is not to "make it all fit", but to make it "look good in real time rendering".

I will be featuring most, if not all, of the areas we see in the series. I also want to fully create and visualize some areas never seen on-screen. But making the "entire" ship is a task I have no interest in, nor the time to do it in the amount of detail I demand of my work.

Again, the ultimate goal here is to use these sets as a jumping off point for a set of single-player story missions (first person shooter with light RPG elements and puzzle solving). This, however, will require time and the help of more people.

If this goal is not reached, I will at least release these areas as a playable "museum piece", allowing players to roam the areas of the ship I've created, and perhaps lightly interact with the vessel.
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