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Re: Morality and the Holodeck - slightly different question

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^ But fantasies can affect a person's real life, I would imagine. You spend enough time fantasising about somebody, it's going to affect how you feel about that person IRL.

And I did say that the computer should let the holodeck program run, but still notify anybody being simulated in it. If somebody simulates me on a holodeck, that's much more than thoughts. It's actions. I have the right to know, if they do that. Holosimulation of somebody without their consent is an invasion of that person's privacy.

And let's face it, if you are operating a holodeck program and you actually let people in who are being simulated in that program, you deserve any nasty remarks they give you in return.

I had an online scuffle with somebody who skeeved me out, and one of his ways to "get back at me" was to write horror fanfics about me being brutally murdered by Freddy Krueger.

Let's just say I made it clear that if this person ever came near me, he would be escorted away in a squad car. He's been banned from several sites and forums for his behavior. I hope I NEVER meet him.

Sorry for the OT.


I really think if someone's likeness is being used in a holoprogram, the subject should know. I'd be very upset and feel invaded if somebody was using my likeness in a porn program or something. Really, I'd rather CHOOSE who gets to see me naked!

Now a prank program where nobody gets hurt or naked would be pretty funny. Imagine walking into a holosuite and having Data's likeness spammed everywhere.

...oh wait.

(Now I really want to rickroll a holosuite...)
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