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Re: Star Trek III - The [Speculation Begins] (Spoilers)

This seems to be the writer's mindset. A NuTrek movie must:

*Feature an iconic part of Trek. That is to say, the few things that have slipped into the public consciousness and pop culture.
*Not have a plot that you need to know Trek lore to understand
*Conducive to action scenes.

The Klingons are the safest bet for them. They're one of the most recognizable aliens in Star Trek after those ones with the pointy ears.

The "Go back in time to save whales" plotline might work. That went over well the first time and is one of the most fondly remembered Trek movies. This time, though, they would have to fight against lots of guys with machine guns and stuff in order to save the whale.

The Mirror Universe might work. And you'd save money on villians since most of the villians are played by the same set of actors. (Maybe Kahn is good in that universe if they want to bring Cumberpatch back.)

Or they could come up with something original.
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