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Re: TNG Reboot or Original Cast Comeback? What would you perfer?

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The idea of Data "taking over" B4 is just creepy. It was in 2002 and it would still be now.

IMO it would be much better to show how B4 has simply taken on board some of Data's memories, but has grown and developed as an individual himself as a result of the process, having in the subsequent time become just as unique from Data and Data was from Lore. Rather than B4 being treated as if he's simply Data Mark II.
Fiction is reluctant to take risks. Spock brought back. 1701-A identical to predecessor. Same thing for the Defiant. Data copied onto B4, etc.

But then, look at comic books, too. Especially DC. No character is EVER permanently dead, and they keep adding new ones, leading to a mess that's difficult to get into for new readers.
And that's my opinion.
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