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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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Can we be perfectly honest though and admit that no matter what anyone shows you in support of their argument, you're just going to stick to your guns on the ship being roughly the same size of the TOS movie refit Enterprise/Enteprise-A and pop in occasionally to say how something definitively proves your point but really doesn't?
I know what I saw in the film: the hull breach revealed ONE typical circular Enterprise corridor. That's also what you can see through the windows to the right of the breach (note the "rectangles" on the wall). There are clearly three rows of them in both cases, as with this:

[Hotlinked image removed. The website is an image hosting server belonging to and may not be used for the purpose of posting embedded images at TrekBBS. - M']

There's no "balcony", as some else said, and there certainly aren't two corridors on top of one another. Why doesn't someone use their Photoshop prowess and show me where there are two decks, or a balcony, or a movie theatre, or whatever else people see in that picture.

Otherwise, I recommend you go back and see the movie again, if for no other reason that to watch that one scene.

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