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Re: Do we even want another Star Trek movie?

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Revenge of the Sith is also mainly targeted at the new generation of Star Wars fans who see Episides I, II and III first. Then there are absolutely no problems.
Sure there are. The biggest being that Anakin is an incredibly unsympathetic character. From the moment Hayden Christensen walks onto the scene, you could see him falling to the dark side and no one cared.
Absolutely. How much more satisfying would it be to have seen a nice guy go bad... than it was to have a petulant rebellious teen stay petulant and rebellious? It's clear we're supposed to associate the innocent kid from the first movie with the teenager from the second and third ones, but this is problematic in itself. There's a natural disconnect, almost as if they're two completely different characters (not helped by everybody else still being played by the same actors - what, does being a Jedi make someone enter puberty quicker?).
Which is true, Anakin's fall would have been much more dramatic had he been older, wiser and gentler, but that has nothing to do with the point I was making.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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