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Re: airlock placemente in TMP Enterprise

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An obvious rationale for the placement we see is accessibility from the outside. There's already access at the rear of the secondary hull, and there can be none at the front; the empty middles of the sides make the best sense for docking ports in this hull. There are probably various hatches at the bottom, even though their outlines aren't easily spotted in the early movies - the E-A features color-coding suggestive of such things. But docking ports won't work there, because having one flush with the bottom would require gravity adjustment facilities that consume space unduly.
Thers's plenty of hatches on the top of the saucer, and many airlocks on the bottom, as we see in TMP. I'm sure there's many access ports for refueling on the engineering section.

Alas, we haven't seen a shuttle capable of handling cargo that would be too large for a "regular" transporter...
What about the one entering the cargo area after Kirk steps on board in TMP ?
And that's my opinion.
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