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Re: When Did different species achieve space travel/ warp?

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The one thing about Warp drive for other races is that very few of them have speeds over warp 5 by the 2150's, Vulcans have warp 7 but all the major races seem to have progressed on warp speeds at the same time once the Federation was formed and are now at warp 8 and 9+ by the 2380's.

This sort of implies that, like Earth, the other races are fairly new to warp drive, maybe within a few hundred years, or that once they developed warp drive whenever they did they just stuck with the first thing they had and kept with it with very little progress.

Just remember that the warp scale was recalibrated at somepoint after TOS but prior to TNG. So warp 8 in TNG is more akin to Warp 13 on the old scale.
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