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Re: Female Doctor Poll!

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A female doctor would be a travesty. I don't know why there's always this big thing about a female doctor. It never happens.

I'm also shocked to see the vast majority of people would be okay with it. I think it would be awful. It would be cheap and tacky. If they had a female doctor, I'd strongly contemplate not watching the show. I'd probably make my own fan fiction canon where the Doctor regenerated into Idris Elba or Damien Molony as a way of coping.
A travesty?

Why would it be cheap?
Why would it be tacky?
Yes, a travesty,

Because knowing the BBC, they'd do some pretty awful and tacky things. Just look at the Rani. Quite possibly the worst villain in all of doctor who history. I can only see the BBC doing something like that. And Janeway from Star Trek. Awful. I have a nasty feeling that if they had a female doctor, they'd gofor something similar to that.
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Practically speaking though, I have a feeling the BBC will want to keep the male/female balance the same between the Doctor and Companion.

As long as they've got Coleman in there, they probably won't see much need to make the Doctor female as well, since they've already got that demographic covered.
Well exactly. I don't want a female dominated cast. Now I wouldn't want a male dominated cast either, but I still want the doctor to stay male. The male doctor and a female companion is a successful formula that's lasted 50 years. Why ruin perfection? Besides, I can't think of any female that would pull it off right. And what would she wear? A long dress? Or would we get a tom boy in a olive green tank top with question marks on a jacket?
The sexism is strong in this one.

There are a lot of women who would make a great Doctor, no matter what they'd wear (I'd prefer a Victorian dress).
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