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Nope. Take a look at that first image. The large white part in the middle is a typical Enterprise hallway. The other lights are windows. The saucer thickness is enough for only two levels of those, with suitable space in between for infrastructure. The way you've divided it up in the last image makes no sense, because it doesn't allow for the latter.

Also, resort to common sense: why would there be three full decks without windows on the saucer (as per your diagram)?
We've already had this argument before, and I already shown that there is plenty of space above and below the windows to carry machinery and piping (the yellow lines in the picture would be at least a meter thick), in addition to the "half decks" on the top and bottom of the saucer rim. You see what you want to see, you provide no visual evidence for your argument, you talk about "common sense" as if your views are correct by default, and you keep mentioning the lack of windows on the saucer when we've already acknowledged that the ship was originally much smaller (TMP Enterprise-Refit sized) but was greatly upsized during the design process (something the designers themselves have said) to accommodate larger interior sets, shuttles, and a grander sense of scale.

That's the production explanation for why there are so few windows on the ship and not a row for each deck, which would have made the ship seem much larger, like it does on the Enteprise-D for example. In-universe you can make up an explanation like saying that the ship carries heavy armor and therefore windows are minimized only to recreation and other major crew spaces as a result so there are fewer vulnerable areas. Crew quarters and smaller rooms have window-shaped video displays which simulate the external view instead, or give you a pleasant image like a meadow or beach. It's a poor man's personal holodeck.

Can we just be perfectly honest though and admit that no matter what anyone shows you in support of their argument, you're just going to stick to your guns on the ship being roughly the same size of the TOS movie refit Enterprise/Enteprise-A and pop in occasionally to say how something definitively proves your point but really doesn't?
I agree...

Even though it is as big as the Enterprise D it will not carry any families so it wont have/need as many windows, having said that even though it has fewer windows they do seem to be larger many of which seem to be floor to ceiling like the bridge. Which makes me think the areas around the outer edge of the dish are communal/recreational or possibly even some kind of hot bunking areas for the junior crew whereas on the Enterprise D they are individual and spacious cabins.
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