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Re: Warp Drive in Star Trek Into Darkness - [SPOILERS]

BillJ wrote: View Post
Are faster warp speeds really an issue in what will likely be a three or four movie series?
Warp speeds have only ever been important for conveying the idea of:
Slow (-, -, -impulse — just cruising local)
Faster (Warp 1-3 — interstellar, but no major hurry)
Fast (Warp 4-6 — some urgency, 'cos we're on a schedule now)
Haul ass (Warp 7-Maximum warp)
So no, not really an issue - they still do exactly the same thing.


ConRefit79 wrote: View Post
I remember in ST09, Chekov says if Mr. Scott can maintain Warp 4. This is after Kirk takes command and they're coming up with a plan to attack Nero.
This is also after Enterprise has taken a pounding on arriving at Vulcan. Damaged ship not as fast as undamaged ship - seemples.
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