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Re: Morality and the Holodeck - slightly different question

^ So are you saying Troi has no right to be pissed at Barclay for making the Goddess of Empathy?
I'm saying the issue has absolutely nothing to do with privacy, is all.

^ If Barclay's program really was private, then the computer wouldn't let anyone else use it.
That's a moot point because LaForge would have had access to the holodeck quite regardless of any laws. He's a card-carrying murderer, for chrissakes! Civilian law is not going to be an issue if he tells the holodeck to ignore privacy settings.

Indeed, we learn the point of law in this very episode. Riker claims that Barclay is in violation of protocol, but LaForge says there's nothing in the regulations that would stop Barclay from doing what he's doing. Riker accedes the point, huffing that "there ought to be"... So, Starfleet's fine with it, civilian law is fine with it, and our officers just have personal problems with it.

It would seem holodecks aboard starships are somewhat new, so the protocol isn't well-evolved yet. Private holosystems at people's homes (these have been around since Janeway's childhood, and perhaps much longer) would not require the sort of morality rules that public holodecks aboard a military vessel would.

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