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Re: Strange Dark Matter Theory

And of course, weighting a box of water is exactly the same thing of measuring the gravitational mass of astrophysical objects thousands of light years away from us.

Again, you are seriously underestimating the universe.

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IOW, scientists shouldn't be looking for exotic "dark matter" particles. They should be looking for other examples of gravitational behavior across galactic distances and/or re-examining the way they calculate the mass of galaxies.
We did, and guess what? It was in agreement with a cold dark matter scenario. At the moment of writing this, there is no alternative theory that can adequately explain the behaviour of cosmological structures better than dark matter. And we are talking of a large interval of behaviours, from galaxy rotation curves to gravitational lensing of galaxy clusters. Will a better theory emerge in the future? Obviously, it's possible. Personally, I think that gravity might need some additional work to be completely understood (the above-mentioned brane cosmology is an interesting idea, for example), but as far as I understand it, we won't eschew dark matter in any foreseeable future.

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The simplest explanation is that they have either under-estimated the mass or under-estimated the effects of gravity at those distances.
Since we are fond of educated quotes: "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler".

So in the end, I'm sorry, but you have nothing but wishful thinking and anti-establishment rage.
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