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Re: Which Classical Who Era Would You Recommend?

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The 80s is my personal favourite, although it depends on taste. I can't stand a lot of 70s Doctor Who, however it is considered the golden age of the show. I'd say late Baker as from the 80s, the continuity all starts to get "closer". The E-space trilogy is where it really starts of although it is pretty bad. Personally, I'd say Go from the Keeper of Traken (Bakers penultimate story) and go on from there. Although what I'd do first is see "the best" of each doctors era (one story each), view them, choose your favourite/s, and then choose which era to follow.
I would advise the opposite. If you want to sample the Tom Baker era, I would not start with his last season which, while still good, is arguably weaker than the rest of his run. I would start right from the start of his run, keeping in mind that Robot--like many Doctors' first story--is not his strongest.

As for the rest of the 80s era:
  • Peter Davison's era is pretty solid all the way through.
  • Colin Baker's era is not the best. I like Colin's performances, but the stories are not the best.
  • Sylvester McCoy - skip the first season.
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