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Re: Star Trek: Starships Model/Magazine Subscription

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They'll most certainly do the most famous and "common" ships in the early run of the subscription. We'll likely get into the less-explored ships in the later issues. I, too, am looking forward to an Akira. And a Centaur for that matter...
Unfortunately, I didn't see the Centaur on the list at Memory Alpha. I suppose it's possible that more might be released, if demand is great, but considering there's already seventy listed ships, plus a handful of bonus ones, that'd have to be some pretty big demand.
Well, that's a bummer! Oh, you said, maybe they'll do an extension to the series if it's popular enough. With 70 issues, they will certainly have enough time to ascertain if it's worth the time and money to do it. I just hope they don't do some of the other DS9 kitbashes over the Centaur.

After having looked at the Memory Alpha list of ships, most of them make sense, although I would have favored something else than the Enterprise NCC-1701-A (issue 63), particularly since we're already getting the refit in issue 2. Probably nothing more than a simple repaint.

And the Enterprise-J in issue 38 REALLY intrigues me, particularly since it has largely been a lesser-explored vessel with unknown detail, and there has never been (to my knowledge) a complete set of orthos publicly made since its creation.

It looks like some really cool stuff is being planned for this series. I really hope it does well.
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