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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Kirk55555 have you ever even tried any silent movies? If not you should seriously check out Metropolis, it's a great sci-fi movie with some impressive visual effects and a good story.

I used to be like you, but then I actually tried some foreign movies and indie movies, and I now really like them. You really don't need big budget effect or big actions scenes to make a good movie. All you need is a good story, and some talented people to bring that story to life.
I don't neccessarily need big budgets or anything, i just have certain types of films I like. I just can't even consider watching a silent film. Its completely unappealing. I'd lose my mind in the first ten minutes, even if it was a type more appealing than a romance movie like The Artist. Indie movies just aren't for me, either. Whenever I hear of one, it always seems to have some stupid/bizarre story that wouldn't work as a normal movie anyway, which is why its "indie". I've seen a few foreign movies (some horror movies, and one or two random movies) and while I'm willing to watch one if it sounds interesting, its not a type of movie I usually consider watching. My comment about The Artist was not meant to cause any problems, it was just a shot at weird films that win awards. I never thought it would be defended probably more than Man of Steel or that it would start a big thing. I guess I underestimated how many people liked a movie with no dialog in 2013, at least on this site. It never even crossed my mind that anyone would pay any attention to a comment about it.

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The Dark Man of Steel Rises just looks bad. Every clip makes it look worse.
That's the think that is what this movie is going to be...but you're wrong and your hatred of Nolan will not even allow you to see this movie more objectively.

Honestly, I don't even hate Nolan all that much any more, in a general sense. His superhero work is crap and he sucks when it comes to that, but after really liking Memento and Inception, I've been forced to admit that he's not a horrible director/writer/etc, he just can't do superhero movies (and probably any movie with an already established character). In that genre, he's sucked and made the worst movies in the superhero genre ever, even including stuff like Catwoman and Fantastic Four 2.

But, he can make a good movie, just not with superheroes. He's not like JJ abrams, who I do hate in general and wish would just stop ruining my favorite sci Fi. I'd be as open minded about an interesting sounding Nolan film that has nothing to do with superheroes as most people are about movies in general. He can make good non-superhero movies, and he can make bad. I'll never be a fan really, and there was a time where I considered him just like JJ abrams and thought everything he did was something i'd despise, but at this point if its not involving superheroes, I can (and probably will be) open minded about his movies, as long as they don't have a completely ridiculous premise. Man of Steel obviously is a type of nolan movie that is set up for me to hate it, and the trailers and TV spots do nothing but support my idea that it will be horrible. That said, if it actually turned out to be something I liked I'd admit it, but I just don't think there is the slightest chance of that.
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