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Re: Warp Drive in Star Trek Into Darkness - [SPOILERS]

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Another issue that I have with warp drive in Nu Trek is how they don't seem to have multiple warp speeds.
Was it traveller, or some other game that had a VOID drive.

I think temporal tampering allowed tech to avoid warp factors. Destination is important, and energy input saves time, but it might be between hyperspace in Star Wars and what we see in Babylon 5--although that is rather like the Vaduaar "underspace"

Therer was a wing Commander manual that had an interesting blurb.

Here is my theory. Warp behaves normally in free space. Space lanes have cosmic strings along either side witha modified speed of warp.

Here in nu Trek I am going to say that warp travel (and here is the Paris striaght line thing again) is most effiecnt if a ship is in a straight line between not worlds as per normal--but between their host stars.

In this way, the gravity well of the two stars dead ahead and in front allow a tunneling effect. A ship knocked out of this snaps to whatever destination is closest--explaining what we saw in STiD even though they weren't done cruising.

It's harder on the ship, but allowed a quicker story exposition.

At least that is what I am sticking to.
Why between stars? It could easily be that warp drive works by creating a long tunneled space warp that is physically anchored to the gravity well of your destination planet and therefore warp travel is really only possible between planets or between solar system you can anchor your warp field to. You can probably switch destinations in flight or drop out of warp early, but you need a sufficiently massive destination as a base target. You can travel much faster by anchoring your warp field at a larger object, so if you want to get to Vulcan faster you would have to attach your warp field to the central star first and then switch to Vulcan as you near your destination.
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