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Re: Best Audio Book?

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I tried to listen to a big finish story, but It just felt as though It was a TV episode with no video. It was really hard to follow, It was hard to tell when the scene had changed, nothing was described and too many people sounded too similar. I'm not sure if I picked a bad one to start with or I was just too tired. I prefer an audiobook to be more book-like, like the Red Dwarf ones read by Chris Barrie.
Yea, you have to train your ear for it, but, once you do, they are some fantastic stories, especially for those who think the TV Show gets too "Kiddie" for their taste.

The first couple I tried (The Gallifrey Adventures Series 1 - President Romana, her freind Leela and both their K9 Units) I had a difficult time catching what was going on, but, I stuck with it, and on a relisten, I was able to make complete sense of it.

I personally listen to Audioplays/Audiobooks on my commute to and from work, so, I am a captive audience at that point. I don't find myself popping in an audio story while I'm in the house though, for that I would pop in a Doctor Who DVD. The Audioplays, actually are easier to follow, IMHO, then Audiobooks, because you do have seperate Actors for each character, and although some of them may sound alike at first, you can quickly learn to tell them apart.

@Pindar, thanks, I'll be checking into those as soon as I get home from work. (I've got a massive backlog of Evelyn/Colin stories to listen to still - about 75% of the way through Mordant's need, so will likely be starting on the Six/Evelyn's in a couple of weeks - but, that'll only last me about a month, so, time to start stocking up again soon)
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