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Re: Matt Smith's Departure Confirmed.

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That's really not at all true, or neither one of them would have signed up at all. I'm sad that Smith is leaving at the end of the year, but he's never given the impression that he "didn't want to be there." The reality is that, as an actor, his earning potential is much higher in the US and he'd be a fool not to try and capitalize on his success in Who. I hope he does well.
I know, I know, and yes, you're right, but it's still how I feel, and hey, sue me, but Matt Smith leaving the show means that I'm no longer excited about the anniversary special.
I feel the same way. It kind of feels like a dark cloud has moved over the proverbial sunny afternoon picnic. Sometimes there is a downside to serialized television and it's that you get used to seeing the same actor or actors week after week. So when something changes, it can be very unsettling. However, I felt the same way when Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant left the show. I have no doubt who ever follows Matt Smith will be just good if not better.
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