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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

The original was not so much grey zone, since it was written in the 1970s for teenagers.

The crew wasn't perfect though. Kodai and Shima get in a fist fight over the collection of fustrations over the course of a month being stuck in one location in space. It would take three months to fly around it, but they were not sure if there was a safe route though it. But the storms prevented them from advancing (some sort of nebula)

Aihara jumped ship in one episode because of the depair and longing for home. (I mean he got in a spacesuit and jumped out the airlock to drift home...which was maybe 70,000 light years away).

Kodia questioned the nature of war after they reached the end. No longer sure if they should have fought the Gamilas.

Plus there was the day they captured a Gamilas pilot. Kodai wanted to murder him, but stopped himself, and then prevented the pilot from committing suicide in his Emperor's name.

There was still a mutiny in the original version, but it happened on Iscandar. Those that didn't think they would make it back in time wished to stay. I'm nit sure if that wasn't allowed, but they wanted to be able to reproduce the human species on Iscandar...and there was only one woman on Yamato....and Yuki didn't want to stay.

The crew wasn't perfect, but the new version has more grey areas, especially when the politics of Earth get involved.

Also the mecha page updated with the remainder of the Gamilas carrier fleet and fighters.

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