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Re: TNG Reboot or Original Cast Comeback? What would you perfer?

I must admit, I wasn't speaking objectively when I wrote that.

On a purely sentimental level I'd like to think those actors have still got a solid rapport and could easily carry a TV Movie (ie, something that doesn't have the 'action movie' expectations associated with a theater movie). But more objectively I totally agree with you that there would be big problems if the idea was to do something which is anything like they were trying to do ten years ago in FC, INS and NEM. It already stretched credibility back then for Picard to be an action hero, so it'd certainly stretch credibility now.

But a character piece... like the TNG television series could sometimes do so well... that is a proposition I could definitely get behind. Whether it would be a profitable venture is yet another matter. Young audiences today might be able to dig TNG in a 'retro television' kind of way on Netflix, but could they support a reunion of all the old guys in a dedicated "here they all are back for one last tour of duty" way? Maybe. Maybe not. Hard to say what TNG's modern market cache really is without testing the water with something.
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