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Re: Ongoing Community Discussion Thread

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Dan Harmon has revealed that Chris McKenna will be returning to the show with the role of co-showrunner, which is excellent news. Harmon also claims that he has not watched any of season 4 and that Sony have suggested him recording a DVD commentary track of his first viewing of the season. That sounds like a really interesting idea, but on the other hand it has the potential to be really awkward.
Yeah. I hope they don't do that. I didn't like Season 4 and actually stopped watching. But that sorta sounds like a douchey thing to do. What if Harmon really hates it? I would hope he doesn't crap on the writers, that would be douchey of him. But, I don't want to hear him try to be nice...

... of course, who am I kidding, I'm not going to watch season four on DVD.
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