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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

Thought I would throw in my part of what is sure to be a *new* 2 year thread..

Been a lurker for sometime, even reg'd once back in 2000. Just can't seem to stay connected for too long as life often draws me away.

It's great that their are so many people who stay connected here, hope I can do that -- I only have one friend nearby that really likes trek.

Anyway about me.. married.. too many kids.. 35yrs young.. love 'puters/tech stuff, trek/scifi, hockey/inline, poker, and motorcycles.

Fav series.. probably ENT, TNG, VOY, DS9 in that order. Not much of a TOS fan (sorry Leaf). Currently enjoying ENTS4 DVD's.

I'll try to keep up on the posts.. would love to get 100 so I can PM!!!
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