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Do we even want another Star Trek movie?

First of all let me just say that I am saying this as a big big fan of the JJverse. This is in no way a bashing message or JJ raped my star trek rant. Star Trek has had a phenomenal highly successful run that has lasted close to 50 years. It has had numerous rebirths after people had declared Star Trek to be dead. Star Trek (or any property for that matter) can ever truly die as long as it has a fanbase supporting it, reliving it and passing it on to others. That being said, it is quite possible that a story can come to an end and the book is fully closed. To me every story should have a definite end at some point. At the end of the latest film the crew of the enterprise is getting ready to embark on the legendary 5 year mission that started it all. At long last, trek has come full circle and ends where the original began *yes yes i know its a NEW timeline and not designed to perfectly sync up with the other*. I walked out of the theater feeling content a way feeling completely fulfilled. It has quenched my thirst so to speak. I am not saying that I never want to see another Trek movie because I felt this was a bad film, far from it...I just am not left with wanting more, which is a bit odd. I had a similar feeling the first time I saw Star Wars Episode 3 in the theater, I was pleased with what I saw and a part of me was content that there wouldn't be any more movies because the story was nicely tied up. As much of a fan as I am, I really dont want new stories to go on forever and ever. I cant think of a more fitting end to end the star trek least in the films. I still wouldnt mind seeing a new tv series at some point but as far as Captain Kirk and crew, this seemed like a fitting goodbyes. Sometimes its best to quit while you are ahead. What does anybody else think?
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