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My daughter and I ran in a "Eurocross" 5K this past Saturday, which is an off-road race, jumping over hay bales and running through a very muddy creek. I signed us up for this one since she couldn't make the one on Memorial Day, and was really disappointed she couldn't run with me.

Anyway, I wasn't feeling too good this week so I kinda took it easy, came in at 36:10. My daughter came in at the top of her age group with 27:42! She liked the running, however she did NOT like being muddy, as you can see by her expression in these pics.

You can't tell how muddy and dirty we are in this pic, but trust me, I was squeezing out brown water for a long time. Look at the socks - they used to be the same color as our numbers!

Immediately after finishing. You can see the muddiness a bit better here.

She definitely wants to run with me more (and plans on joining the school track team), but she does NOT want to run another 5K like this one!
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