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Re: Female Doctor Poll!

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There are a disproportionate amount of Doctor Who fans that want Doctor Who to be camp, frothy, meaningless light-entertainment. Hence genuinely serious suggestions from fans on this forum so far that Catherine Tate or Emma Watson should play The Doctor. Actors that have showed absolutely no ability to convincingly portray an alien, outcast scientist.

Convinced me.

The Mirrorball Man wrote: View Post
Sure, but if they're casting a woman in a role that has been defined by (mostly) traditionally male traits, they have to at least think about what it means for the character. Is it asking for too much? Don't you think that the producers would think about that kind of thing, if they ever made a Mary Poppins remake starring Rik Mayall as Mary?
Pffffft. It's called DROP DEAD FRED.

(Okay, it's not really a Mary Poppins remake, just kind of a distant cousin. But if they did do an actual remake with Mayall, I'd watch the hell out of it...)
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