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Re: Have cultural standards gotten lower?

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Also, that video sent me off on a spree of watching similar videos.
Me too. The variation of responses and intelligence in the "Teens React..." videos should put to rest any generalizations about their generation's laziness or lack of respect by shortsighted individuals. Especially enlightening were the reactions to the father shooting his daughter's laptop because of her misbehavior on Facebook, which were not what I was expecting at all from a group of teens, and I don't even look down on them like so many do.
That one certainly wasn't what I expected, yeah. The "Teens React" series is probably my favorite too, because they can be hilarious (" Slender") but also have some very serious ones as well, and the different intelligent ways they respond can be fascinating. The Amanda Todd one especially is absolutely heartbreaking (and I'd never seen the original video which they react to, which made it doubly so).
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