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I'm only saying that the Bajoran government did not throw Kira into prison because they did not consider Kira's actions as terroristic. Or if they did, they pardoned it because it was in their just cause of freedom.
More likely the latter. There's plenty of precedent for occupied and oppressed populations using terrorism as a means to achieve their freedom -- e.g. the Russian and French resistance movements vs. Nazi occupiers in WWII. It can be understood that these things are necessary evils in a time of war or occupation, without the need to whitewash the brutal reality of it by changing the label after the fact. On the contrary, it's necessary to be honest about the "evil" part of "necessary evil" so that you don't get in the habit and keep doing it after the need has ended (like the Kohn Ma did, for instance).

And again, Khan's actions were retaliation for Marcus's criminal actions. Marcus was ultimately the one who provoked everything that happened. He and Section 31 created the situation that led to Khan's violence. They found and awoke Khan, they made him mad, and they created the technologies he used to strike back. I just do not comprehend why you're trying to blame Kirk for Khan's acts and completely ignoring Marcus's far greater culpability.
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