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Re: Female Doctor Poll!

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I think it would cheapen the integrity of the series by making the once great principle character a tacky, gawdy, anti-intellectual, tabloid headine grabbing gimmick worthy of Russell T. Davies at his most insane.

But I bet plenty will think it'd be camp and funny.
The notion of a female regeneration of the Doctor has been around, and acknowledged within the series itself, for quite some time now, so there's nothing particularly objectionable or inconsistent about the notion itself. Moreover, the notion that it's possible, and hasn't happened yet, makes means the likelihood of it happening increases with every new regeneration. It is, all things being equal, an inevitability that is statistically increasingly overdue.

Tell me, what is "tacky" about the Doctor regenerating as a woman?

What is "gawdy" about the Doctor regenerating as a woman?

In what way is it "anti-intellectual"?

How can a statistically inevitable occurrence be considered a "gimmick"?
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