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Re: Unused crossover ideas

Guinan was meant to appear in the second season episode 'Rivals' with her son but Whoopi Goldberg was unavailable
Considering I can't stand Guinan, or Whoopie Goldber for that matter, I am forever greatful that never happened.

Also there were rumours Scotty was going to appear, and they wanted Leonard Nimoy to play Mirror Spock once more.
I would have been down for both of those. Scotty visiting for at least one episode, would have been nice, especially when Kor was on station! Could have been epic to see two TOS era former enemies make peace (yeah I know TUC sort of did that, but not one on one). Mirror Spock would have been awesome! Somehow the DS9 mirror universe episodes seemed to mostly just suck.

Sita Jaxa and Thomas Riker were also mooted for a return (Source : )
It is almost criminal that at least one more Thomas Riker episode never appeared. Even if just to kill him off. We needed SOME kind of resolution to his story!

2. Bring back Capt Jellico! Our resident Cardassian expert was given command of the flagship the last time there was to be a war with the Carddies but in the Dominion Arc we see neither hide nor hair of him.
That would have been AMAZING! Jellico SHOULD have made an appearence, especially trying to boss Sisko around when e was still a Commander! And for that matter, I am surprised Gul Madred never appeared, either!

AllStarEntprise wrote:
3. Bring back Capt Maxwell from TNG the Wounded. After doing "hard time" in those Federation penal resorts they send criminals to in this era.
Especially after it was proven that everything he was saying about the Cardassians was true.

Alternate him with appearances by Admiral Ross, or even largely replace Ross with Maxwell.
If Maxwell were the LEADER of the Masquis, that would have even been better, IMHO.

I also wish we got to see some refit Constitution class ships during the Season 6-7 war arcs...if things were that bad for the Federation, it would totally have made sense to see some Constitution class ships dragged out of mothball! I mean Miranda and Excelsior classes made frequent appearances!
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