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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

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Yeah, I even liked "Chipotle" (as my roomate and I call him) and Kim. I mean, every character can't be awesome, and some must even be "lame" to balance things out. I didn't care for Neelix either, but I see what he offered to the show. Case and point: Voyager didn't go wrong. They made it home; and left us with some awesome episodes to re-experience on netflix.
When Voyager was good, it was REALLY good to great, IMHO. And I would even venture to say a good 1/3 or better of all episodes were REALLY good, and another 1/3 being great or near great.

But when it was bad, MAN was it bad! Case in point:

The Fight
Favorite Son
The Disease
Fair Haven
Spirit FolkThe 37s
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