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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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If the movie does suck, and I am hopeful that it won't, the question in my mind is; how many of you folks will be willing to say so, here -- especially with old Kirk55555 ready to bring the, "I told you so" cannons online?
I would be willing to say so. When Nolan was first announced as a producer on this film, I was very curious to see how it would turn out. When Snyder was announced as the director, I lost all interest; of his previous films that I've seen, I haven't liked any of them. When the first trailer came out, my interest was ignited again and made me start thinking that my concerns over Snyder might be unfounded.

At this point, I'm pretty solidly looking forward to the film, but if it ends up disappointing me it won't be difficult to admit (though I will be sad that it did so).
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