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Re: Matt Smith's Departure Confirmed.

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Ubik, Smith isn't a child in a man's body he's an old man in a young man's body and for me he's played that perfectly, far better than Tennant who was not only more manic, but also more forced, he's so obviously trying too hard half the time. Good but Smith's been a far better Doctor for me
Can't agree with you more.

I fell for Smiths doctor in the first few moments of his 'Eleventh Doctor' confidential special. The way he talked with his hands and looked at the camera was just note perfect. Then the Eleventh Hour struck, and I was asking who RTD and Tennant were.

Smith just does it so well. The old man finds himself young again, what wouldn't you do? He balances humour, drama, tragedy and mad scientist so well, it's as if we're watching the actual guy and not an actor. Where as with Tennant he was just acting, smith is just natural and doesn't come of as if he's trying too hard or forced in the slightest.

I among everyone else assumed we had at least one more season with Smith, but Ill be sad to see Smith go, distraught is too weak a word. i feel like i am losing a close friend, and this abruptly just 6months after the announcement. But, I am excited to see the show evolve and change once more as it should.
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