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Re: Female Doctor Poll!

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Part of the James Bond brand is its inherent sexism. It prides itself on it. James Bond has spent decades having sex with women and then killing them. It has naked dancing girls over the theme music. Are you arguing that a central part of Doctor Who's charm, like that of the James Bond brand, is its sexism? If so, please do make that explicit.
Some of the Doctor's key characteristics have always been connected to what is perceived to be the traditional male role. The whole man who "walks like he owns the place", comes from a civilization of sanctimonious patriarchs, protects the innocent at all corst, grandfather/crazy uncle/father figure, likes to impress young women, etc... has been part of the Doctor's DNA from the beginning. It would be interesting to have a female Doctor, but the writers would have to think about what it means for the character and his attitude.
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