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Re: Female Doctor Poll!

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I think it would cheapen the integrity of the series by making the once great principle character a tacky, gawdy, anti-intellectual, tabloid headine grabbing gimmick worthy of Russell T. Davies at his most insane.

But I bet plenty will think it'd be camp and funny.
1. And a female Doctor would be nothing but a gimmick, of course.
There are a disproportionate amount of Doctor Who fans that want Doctor Who to be camp, frothy, meaningless light-entertainment. Hence genuinely serious suggestions from fans on this forum so far that Catherine Tate or Emma Watson should play The Doctor. Actors that have showed absolutely no ability to convincingly portray an alien, outcast scientist.

No other show I follow has this type of fandom. I bet nobody in the Game of Thrones thread is demanding that we get a Lionel Richie cameo or whatever. I want Doctor Who to move far away from being tabloid fodder, and The Doctor growing tits is a very crass, shallow example of that culture. I don't think Doctor Who should cater to the Heat Magazine crowd, but aim for a more intelligent audience. I strongly expect that all those passionately demanding Emma Watson or whoever play The Doctor, would regret it very quickly and spend the next 3 years wanting the character to be taken seriously again.

My two pence.
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