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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine

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In fact, I think it's the bridge viewscreen from The Cage.
...and from "Where No Man Has Gone Before". But it's nice they kept this viewscreen wall in storage and reused it so we could get a nice idea of the other side of each (?) briefing room and later have the Auxiliary Control Room.

Although it was the same studio set I feel that life Support control from "By Any Other Name" should not be visualized with the viewscreen.
I believe the "alien" instrument panel from "Spock's Brain" (without the mind enhancing hood, of course!!!) could / would have been something an environmental engineer would look at (and something Matt Jefferies would have possibly recycled had there been a fourth TOS season featuring life Support...).

Not to mention that this would be a nice opportunity to draw something cool from this Episode...

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