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Re: The Auxiliary Control Room

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I imagine this set was originally conceived out of necessity for "The Doomsday Machine," since they used a portion of the standing Enterprise interior sets for the Constellation interiors, temporarily 'damaging' the sets for the latter by spray painting on fire damage and adding a bevy of bent conduits. A second control room was needed as they couldn't damage the bridge set--the majority of the scenes on the Enterprise were shot on there.
That's a good theory. And they apparently had a wall segment from the old engine room set (the one that was displaced by the new ladder to the upper level of the new set) together with the lesser used briefing room viewscreen wall to assemble something new.

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I always wondered about the strangely half-moon angled wall to the right of the console... any thoughts about that?
If I recall correctly we saw that wall piece first in the adjacent gym area where the ladies excercised in "Charlie X" and later as an overhead beam in the Phaser Control Room in "Balance of Terror".
In-universe I believe this to be a structural support beam of the Engineering hull's bow (I concur with Doug Drexler that A.C.R. is probably on Engineering Deck 8).

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