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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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You know, you're looking really hard to be offended if you think that suggesting someone isn't as attractive as professional actors tend to be is an "insult." It's a pretty reasonable observation if you've spent any time at all around TV and movie actors. Even the folks you might think of as average-looking, "character" types have personal magnetism to spare.
This is true. For example, I went to see a play with Kenneth Branagh last year. On tv and films, I'd always thought he was a good actor but not necessarily the most charismatic type. But when he walks onto a stage, he OWNS it. Totally fills the room. My wife and a few female acquaintances and friends who saw the play were all of the view that they'd never found him attractive onscreen but WOW, in person, different story....
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