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Re: Microsoft to restore the Start Button in Windows 8.1

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Your friend is correct.
He helped me set up my current desktop and gave me some software, gear and a lot of tips and advice. I trust the guy implicity because this computer is at least in part his own handiwork. When he says "don't waste your money and get this unless the company eventually forces you to" then I listen. He knows more in one pinkie finger about computers and operating systems than I do in both hands put together.

If and when Microsoft basically forces people to switch over to 8 or a successor because it will no longer support the older systems then fine. It's not like I'd have much of a choice at that point. But until then 7 Ultimate does everything I need it to, is easy to navigate and offers a lot of good features that I've spent time getting used to. I like it. A lot.
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