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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

Posted by Illiriahrising:
Peeking out from under my lurker rock to say "Hey!". I'm Kristie,a 30-something mom of two who has been a Trek fan since I was still in the single digits.The hubby is a Trek fan too, so we're indoctrinating the kiddies now and they love it (especially my 11 yr old son!).
Hi illiriahrising! Keep up that good work. My hubby & I are Trek fans too ... and two of my three kids like Enterprise, so I guess I'm only 66.7% effective as a parent! They're all SF/fantasy/comic fans, though, and our favorite family vacations involve conventions. I actually met my husband at a con (SF filk music)... and my brother met his wife at a ST con. We can honestly say that our children owe their lives to Star Trek (and filk).

Welcome to ELK and Reepeep Boltightener too! ELK, I used to help run Trek cons in Virginia, many many years ago. And Reepeep, you won't find any shortage of fellow Trip fans here! Check out the Trip thread (started by yours truly) if you haven't already.

And hi to Dr. Nick! You have some really good discussion points there. You should start a new thread ... a lot more people would find and respond to a separate topic posting (and you wouldn't hijack the "Welcome" thread with a serious discussion ... )
-TJ, formerly in LO, CA
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