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Re: Hirogen vs Dominion?

I'm kinda geeking out on the Hirogen here but in the "Hunters" episode, the Alpha states he has been tracking 8472 for over fifty light years. Being an ancient race, maybe their "dicyclic" warp engines travel faster than transwarp. Also the Hirogen arsenal includes a subnucleonic beam that could perform rapid scans of other vessels and could severely disable ships, disrupting its propulsion and its navigational sensors.

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Being Voyager beat the Hirogen on a number of fights...
But Voyager never successfully destroyed a Hirogen ship.

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...the Dominion's polaron weaponry did cut through the shields of the Federation when they first encountered them... So, it's just as likely those polaron beams would chew up the Hirogen
The Hirogen hull was far superior than voyagers weapons, the Dominion weapons may be as ineffective.
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